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Your Logo Is Just the Beginning of Your Brand Story

A brand story is an interconnected and organized narrative that focuses on feelings, emotions, and facts created by your brand. A successful brand story often inspires an emotional reaction, unlike marketing and advertising that show and tell about your brand.

It tells your prospective and existing customers the things that motivated you to start your business. Likewise, it informs them about your day-to-day efforts and what steps you took to create a solid brand and gain people's trust.

Remember, your brand story creates connections with your customers, leading to increased trust and loyalty. Although descriptive stories work, a growing body of research evidence shows that visual content, including a logo, is a much better approach.

Companies use storytelling methods to engage their customers and build trust in their brands. Consumers love stories of brands they believe in and purchase from, allowing them to feel closer and emotionally connected. Does a brand logo tell the story visually? Read on!

Logo Design – Does it tell your Brand Story

Although your log is your company's smallest element, it plays a crucial role in streamlining your business. A quality logo that aligns with your business values and resonates with your ideal client can introduce your company to consumers in a better way.

Not only is your logo a part of your corporate identity, but it also stands for your company values. So, a sophisticatedly designed logo does tell your brand story and engages your audience emotionally.

How to make a logo that optimizes your brand story?

Here are a few tips. Keep reading!

Craft a Unique Logo

Many businesses follow branding trends and try to copy ideas from other companies. While this may work for some companies, it is a bad idea to create a logo similar to another company in your industry. Therefore, you need to be unique and be you to engage your prospective customers.

Investing in a high-quality logo design creates uniqueness, and customers recognize it immediately even if it does not mention your company's name. It showcases your company's mission, ethos, and business values. For instance, when someone sees your logo offline or online, they must get the idea of your company's mission and values.

A successful business hires a professional graphic design agency to create a powerful logo. Logo design experts can develop a striking typeface and allegorical iconography to your company's mission. That way, you can seek inspirations in numerous designs and choose the one that best fits your company's needs and matches your ideal client's persona.

Choose a Style that Resonates with your Brand

A professional logo design agency has skilled designers with many years of experience. Experts know the history of symbolism in graphic design. Thus, they can help you make an informed decision about creating a logo that streamlines your brand story.

Whether it's Victorian-Era symbolism, classic arts, or digital minimalism, choosing a style that resonates with your brand can help you achieve your goal. We recommend playing around with classic and modern styles to see what fits your brand.

For instance, you can look at Adidas and Nike, two of the most popular competitors in the sports attire industry. These are perfect examples of how the design aligns with their products. For instance, swoosh and the three strips in their logo design perfectly resonate with their respective brand.

Likewise, the logos of these companies tell people about fitness and sports. These companies know how to repurpose their brand and tell a cohesive story about their products and services. So, you should do the same and choose a style that perfectly aligns with your brand.

Evolve Your Logo as Your Company Grows

Many businesses are afraid of evolving their logos because they have a misconception of considering this an inconsistent practice. However, this is not the case. Logos evolve as businesses evolve, so nothing is wrong with re-evaluating your brand's logo as you redefine or modify your brand's mission.

For example, Airbnb focused on highlighting their inclusivity by including a symbol of belonging. Similarly, Slack introduced simplicity, minimalism, and dynamism in its logo design by transitioning to a colorful octothorpe.

Are you ready to evolve your logo, your brand? Then let's jump on a call and talk about your options and how to level up your brand. Don't forget to let me know if you like Coffee or Tea! Let's Connect!


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