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Upleveling Your Brand Starts With Graphic Design

Calle Creative Upleveling Your Brand Starts With Graphic Design

Do business owners often wonder if investing in good design is worth it? Short answer, yes…

Let’s face it, as humans, we like to look at pretty things rather than read a long white paper full of dense black copy in a Times New Roman typeface. Into the trash, it goes literally and figuratively. Do you want that mailer you just spent thousands of dollars printing and mailing going into the trash? Probably not. Do you want that email being sent to the trash or worse flagged as spam? Definitely not!!!

Pleasing to the eye and well thought out designs will not only boost your sales, whether online or in print, but will build up brand recognition and grow those super fans we all desperately want.

So why do we not spend more time investing in good design?

Every strategic graphic designer knows about the principle of marketing and what good design is based on. Being a designer is not just painting a pretty picture on a wall to be hung up in a hotel lobby. It’s there to grab the attention of potential customers and dream clients, it causes interest, provokes the desire, makes a connection, and finally, it helps them make a decision to either work with you or buy from you, depending on what type of company you are ie. service based or product based.


Graphic design creates super fans!

75% of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with a brand regardless of the channel (website, social media, mobile, in-person). What does that mean?

It means that people are looking for brands to have cohesive messaging and design across everything they use to interact with your brand. They don’t want to have a different experience on social media, on your website, and if you have a brick and mortar storefront - a different experience there too.


Having good design allows you to stay consistent on all of these touchpoints, which allows you to build brand awareness. When people start to recognize your brand they start to become more familiar with it. This means, when you run that digital ad or send them an email or print mailer, they will already know who you are based on your brand elements. It creates a visual bread crumb.

Once people start to visually recognize you they start to gravitate towards your products or services first. What was that one brand that used red in all of their campaigns and has a really cool white script font for their logo? Coca-cola right. Or are you asking what is that brand that has the bright blue branding with the circle blue and red logo? Pepsi of course. You are either #teamcoke or #teampepsi.

People started to become super fans first by recognizing the brand and because they are familiar with it they go to it first.

People gravitate towards things they are familiar with first!

Much like when we go to a party, what do you do when you first walk into the room? You look for familiar faces. There is comfort in familiarity. The same applies to brands. We make a connection with brands first by recognizing their colors, fonts, shapes. Then we start to learn more about the company, its messaging, and values. We build an attachment to these, we create feelings and memories associated with brands. Then, of course, the company needs to provide a quality product or service. People won't get to that point if you don’t have a good design to draw them in first.

How do you do create super fans with graphic design?

Easy! Consistently and cohesively remind your current and potential customers of your product and services as well as your core values with your visuals. 51% of customers say that brand values affect their purchasing decisions. This is all achieved by having a well-designed logo, a clean, goal-focused website and social media presence, consistently producing high-quality content and advertisements, beautiful packaging (both product and service-based), and engaging with your customers and clients with your social media, you will build a firm position as an expert in what you are providing.

Good graphic design will help people discover your brand and remember it as well!

As a business owner, you might be on the path of a DIY approach or maybe asking a buddy who used to do stuff in word to help you design something. But taking the time to hire a strategic graphic designer to help you build a cohesive brand and provide you with a good graphic design strategy will get you further in creating those super fans.

The importance of graphic design is determined whether you are wanting to up-level your brand to create brand loyalists that keep coming back for more or sitting there day after day spinning your wheels and watching your competitors grow their business year over year. At the end of the day, you risk losing those customers and potential revenue by producing content that doesn’t attract your ideal customer or client.

If you are done DIYing your own brand and ready to take those next steps to up-leveling your brand, then let's connect and talk about your goals to convert your potential customers into super fans.


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