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How do I know if my business is ready for a re-fresh?

Updated: May 17, 2021

There are several reasons why business owners decide to do a brand refresh. If your business has existed for ten, twenty, or even thirty years and your branding feels a bit dated, it might be time to spruce up the brand with a refresh. Or your company might have evolved over time, and your branding no longer reflects its purpose or personality. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your branding; it's gotten you and your business this far. Now it is time to take it to the next level.

Brand Refresh Reason One: My company has been around for a long time and the branding is dated.

If your company has been around for decades there is a good chance that your logo might be starting to show its age. When picking a brand identity, most companies choose a branding identity that reflects what is popular in their industry at that time, however, that rarely results in a timeless look. You want to pick a brand identity that will be timeless, that feels like a unique piece of your company's identity. Your brand should be able to grow with your business.

Brand Refresh Reason Two: I started my business before I really understood its purpose or who my ideal clients would be.

Sometimes we simply have a calling to do something, but we're not quite sure what that something is. Hey—pat yourself on the back for being brave enough to get started! You're already ahead of a lot of would-be competitors, who never take the risk. Now that you know what it is your company does and who your ideal clients are, it is time to develop a brand identity that reflects that understanding. Your brand should speak to your clients; they should want to connect and engage with it. Your brand identity also needs to stand out from the crowd and feel uniquely your own. You don't want to swipe something from a stock account only to see a competitor with the same logo!

Brand Refresh Reason Three: My list of services or products has grown over time.

It's one of the best problems to have. You started your business offering a small list of products or services, but over time you find your clients are looking for more. So, you start to expand your offerings to meet those needs. The trouble comes when your “Stacy’s Trendy T-Shirt Boutique” also sells belts, bags, and jewelry. Your brand and visual elements should make sure that your new customers and prospects can understand what your brand is and what you can offer them. If they only see that you are a trendy t-shirt boutique, they might miss those really cute leather earrings that you just started selling.

Your brand is in need of a leveling up to make sure you are sending the right and clear messaging to your potential buyers.

Rebrand versus refresh

While the two terms are often used interchangeably, a brand refresh tends to focus on the visual elements of the company's branding, rather than overhauling key value propositions or other messaging. Logo updates, font changes, slight shifts in color palettes are all part of a brand refresh. While a brand refresh can be dramatic and comprehensive, it tends to preserve the foundational elements of the brand that have already built equity within their ideal audience's mind.

A brand refresh can be like renovating a house. Sometimes all you need is new paint, cabinetry, and appliances. Sometimes you have to gut it and rebuild from the foundation. A rebrand is where you tear it down to the concrete slab and start over. A rebranding gives companies a chance to scrap their old identity and create a fresh one.

Large brands refresh all the time.

Large companies refresh their brands all the time and for all the same reasons you need a brand refresh. You may have noticed more recent brand refreshes like Uber, Weight Watchers and many others. Some more successful than others—I will protect the innocent and not call anyone out. (Cough, cough. Airbnb. Ahem.)

That is why it is so important to stay on top of your brand and know when it is time for a refresh.

I'm excited to help you navigate the decision whether to completely rebrand or simply give your brand a refresh and keep the equity you have already built. I have worked with major brands all over the world and apply that knowledge and experience to help with up-leveling your brand. Let’s chat about the vision of your company.


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