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5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Rebrand

When a business is struggling, a lot of business owners consider a company rebrand. A rebrand is, on its surface, a change to the visual identity of a brand. But, changing your logo, name, or website design isn't going to fix your brand problems. What you probably need is an experience change.

Did you know Pepsi had over 10 different logos over 100 years of being in business? You can see the evolution here.

How many do you think Coca-Cola had? Three.

Coca-Cola had a few brand refreshes to keep it fun and engaging but the script font we all know and love today was designed in 1947. Coca-cola has done a great job at becoming one of the most recognizable brands around the world, deeply rooted in history, tradition, and nostalgia.

Before you sign up for a rebrand, ask yourself these questions:

1. Why am I really looking to rebrand?

Are people not connecting with your brand as you had hoped they would? Are you trying to get past a negative experience? Or has the core of your business changed?

Rebranding or refreshing your company needs to be well thought out. Consider the goal behind the rebrand and what problem or challenge you want the rebrand to solve.

2. What are the risks?

The brand you have now is what your clients have connected with. This is your brand equity. If you are trying to overcome some bad press you need to think hard about what you will lose in the end. Are there more loyal customers than the few bad reviews? Perhaps a media or PR campaign would better solve the issue. Or you might refresh your existing brand, rather than a total rebrand.

3. What is my story?

People don’t really connect with what you sell (unless it’s crazy unique and nobody else has it). Let's say you sell candles. There are millions of people who sell candles. So why do these people buy from you? The Why is the most important thing about your company.

If your Why or your story is not clear your customers are going to have a hard time connecting with your brand. A rebrand won't necessarily solve this unless you work with a brand communication specialist.

4. Who is my ideal client?

If you don’t know who your client is, how can you target them in your messaging and branding? You are shooting blindly in the dark.

Take a look at your brand's design and messaging. Is it consistent? Does your company's brand experience attract the people that you want to work with? If your design and storytelling aren’t aligned your customers won't be either, which makes it harder for you to connect with them.

5. Can I show up every day?

Maybe not every day, we all need a break! The question is, Can I consistently show up for my clients to help guide them and connect with them? People want to feel a deep connection with brands they align with. Showing up consistently helps nurture that relationship.

If you have mentally checked off multiple reasons why you feel you need to rebrand or just a refresh, let’s grab a virtual coffee or tea and talk it out. I would love to help you navigate through this journey. Click Here (go to the contact us page) and send me an email telling me a little bit about you.


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