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Logo + Visual Identity
Social Media Launch Imagery
Style Guide

Triad was the leading adviser for retailers looking to create new revenue streams that don’t rely solely on selling products. Triad used their data-driven technology and insider understanding of
the digital retail space to help their retail partners understand their customers in a way they never have before. Part consultant, part media and creative agency, Triad used these
insights to guide key decision-makers in creating a consumer experience on and offline that doesn’t just change the way people shop — it changes the way they live.


As the Senior Marketing Designer on the Corporate Marketing team, I had the amazing opportunity to work the the Executive Team and the rest of the Corporate Marketing Team to successfully rebrand Triad. It was an experience ever designer dreams of and being the first designer on the team and watching it grow and then evolve to the new brand, it was exciting to see the new era of Triad. 


We started with an internal and external audit to understand what we needed to keep and what needed to go. People were very vocal on what need to go, poor shopping chart. From there I worked with several key stake holders to help develop the Logo & Visual Identity. Following the logo creation I then created the stationery, iconography, graphic language, social media imagery for multiple channels and then compiled everything into an extensive style guide. 

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