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The Way Holistic Therapies

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Cassie Winkel came to me looking to refresh her website. She was frustrated that it wasn't functioning the way she wanted it too and was having a hard time keeping it updated. 

Once we started the research process we realized maybe it was a time for a total refresh after she told me that she took a marketing course that included a website and a logo for one low price. However, she didn't get to have a say on how her brand was going to look beyond she wanted to have three birds in it that represented the Bob Marley song Three Little Birds. 

After we paused the website we began to work on her over all brand to get her excited again and to start marketing herself as a mindset mastermind as well as a massage therapist. We wanted to keep the brand light and welcoming with calm soothing colors as well as incorporating tranquil photos as well as bringing in the perks of living in Boston where you get to experience the mountains and the beach all in one state. 


Balance and happy are represented by yellow, passion and fun by purple and orange and then health and results by teal. The blend between the moon and the sun is the representation of how Cassie will bring balance to her clients life. From the moment they wake up to the warm sun to when they are ready to go to bed. Ultimately Cassie's clients come to her and know they don’t have to worry about a thing and everything will be alright, which is being represented by these three little birds. 

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