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Dr. Laura DeCesaris

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Dr. Laura DeCesaris is a functional health specialist who is on a mission to help high achieving women balance their home life and their career life. She wants women to feel like they can have a career and a healthy lifestyle. She has her main practice helping people with their health but wanted to create something specific to women and creating a better work life balance.

Laura came to me looking for help to brand her newest program targeted towards high achieving and highly motivated women. She wanted a brand that focused on women who were confident but lacked balance in their work and life. 

Her mission is to help women excel in their business without sacrificing their physical and mental well-being, by optimizing their health and performance. Her brand will teach them the tools and guide them towards a successful, healthy foundation (both body + mind), so that they don’t have to deal with things like fatigue, poor sleep, poor stress management, and hormonal dysfunctional that so many women experience. 

We focused on balance + strength, female empowerment, high-end + modern, and no pink! The color palette and fonts were chosen to reflect these keep call outs as well as her different focuses geared towards helping each pain point these women are experiencing. The logo mark is her taking your health in her hands and bring balance back into your life. Then the circle represents bringing everything together to offer a more balance and wholeness to their life.

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