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I meet Debbie at our local networking meeting. I had been attending for a few months but it wasn't until I was in the "hot seat" that Debbie really connected with what I was teaching the group about. I said if you have been around for 10, 15, 30 years and feel uninspired and stuck with your current brand than we need to talk, it's time for a refresh.  

We did more than just refresh her brand, she wanted to reach a whole group of people coming into the housing market. She went full in and decided to rebrand her as Debbie Cooley Mortgage. 

She shocked her community with her new look. People were coming up to her saying how much they loved her new look and they should connect and talk about refinancing. To hear that kind of feed back proves that when you get that feeling it's time for a change jump on it! 

Feeling Inspired?

Your business deserves a beautiful brand, too!

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